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f..75 CEUs per day

Our next Realtime Workshop will be...

            Las Vegas, Nevada  TTexas Approved

September 27-29, 2019

Holiday Inn Express

5760 Polaris Avenue, Las Vegas, NV  - (702) 736-0098

Hotel Rate $129 (Realtime Mastery)




















      Come join us for an intense workout with "Anita Paul's Realtime Mastery Workshop" presented by Cindy Fleegle.  We will be dealing with YOUR DICTIONARY.  Be prepared to return with  "no" conflicts (be brave).  Get your numbers translating beautifully.  Let's start dealing with those dirty words, "suffixes and prefixes."  Do you hate the asterisk?"  Well, let's make the * your friend.  How about finger spelling?  C-A-N YOU D.O. this?  Come join the conversation as we talk about many editing tricks and tips that are available on your CAT systems.  Can you capitalize a word after you've stroked it and it's on your display?  Let's talk about reltime commands and macros.  Learn tips about organizing directories on your computer and file storage.  Yes, it's also time to talk about briefs, writing smart.  It's time to do it!

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           For those who have signed up, please (1) back up your dictionary (2) download a copy of your CAT Software (3) join a Facebook group supporting your CAT software (4) know how to start a realtime file on your computer and bring everything you need for realtime hookup and a power cord. 

Here's what some of the attendees had to say about our Workshops:


           I just finished the Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshop in Atlanta, presented by Cindy Fleegle.  My main reason for signing up was because I could get all my NCRA continuing education units at one time.  I figured if I learned one new tip or trick to help me be a better real-time reporter, that would be an added bonus.

           I cannot even tell you how many shortcuts, tips, and just downright better way of doing things I learned!  I am confident it will translate into being more productive while writing the job or with editing afterward.  

           I have to say, the hidden gem of the workshop was spending a few days with wonderful and talented fellow court reporters from all around the country.  I left the weekend with a newfound feeling of pride in our profession.  

           Do yourself the favor of attending a Realtime Mastery Workshop with Cindy, whether you need the CEUs or not.  You will not regret it.  

Karen Vilicich, CSR, RPR, CRR  (May 2018)


          “This was such a wonderful workshop. Thank you, Cindy. We really all worked hard together and learned so much. Thank you again for continuing this workshop. The real time hookup demonstration was amazing. It is such a blessing to know that you will be there for us.” (Feb 2017)

Maria Fortner, RPR

New Port Richey, Florida

             “I just finished a three-day real time seminar in Orlando with Cindy Fleegle who has taken over for Anita Paul with her blessing. It was so informative and Cindy couldn't be more helpful. I think Anita is looking down and saying, well done, my friend. I hope a lot of you who are interested in writing better and perhaps taking on the real time world will give her seminar a thought. It was a wonderful room full of court reporters wanting to help each other and give out their tips and briefs. I learned so much. Now I'm ready to take on the world. Thanks Cindy and all those who attended.” (Feb 2017)

Connie DeMarsh, RPR

 Ft. Myers, Florida

             “Cindy Fleegle thank you for the wonderful realtime seminar in Orlando!  Not only are you full of valuable knowledge, you're open to suggestions from others and, most important, you have a big heart and are truly genuine.  I laughed, learned and made wonderful friends!  I believe with all of my heart that Anita Paul Johnston is smiling down from heaven knowing that she picked the right person to carry on her legacy! Thank you again!

Karen Stanford, RPR

Palm Harbor, Florida

Here's what some of the attendees had to say about the Dallas 2017 Workshop:


            “Thank you, Cindy, for continuing with these workshops.  I always learn something new.  I have made changes to my writing.  It's also great to share ideas with the other court reporters.  I learn from them as well.  I feel encouraged.  I know I'm becoming a better reporter." (May 2017)

Zulma Ruiz,  RPR

San Juan, Puerto Rico

            “Thank you so much for bringing your workshop to Texas.  I so appreciate your skills and knowledge and experiences.  I loved how comfortable you have been as our facilitator.  You are true blue real and that makes for a pleasant four days.  Please continue to have the workshops.  I would very much like to attend another." (May 2017)

Betsy Clifton, CSR


             "I cannot even begin to explain the wealth of information I have acquired from the Anita Paul Workshop with Cindy Fleegle.  I'm looking forward to implementing the new tools I have learned to make my life easier and begin the journey on the new road I have set out for myself - mastering realtime."  (Sept 2017)

Denise Parisi, RPR

New York

     “Came here with low expectations as to what I'd get out of the seminar.  Was pleasantly surprised how much good stuff I got."

     "Informative, entertaining, inspiring."

     "Very enjoyable.  Great info and handout to work on at home." (Oct 2017)

Anonymous Attendee 

        Future Workshops:

         May 10-13, 2018 - Atlanta, GA

     June 28-July 1 - Seattle, WA

          Further Locations yet to be announced

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