Anita was an official court reporter in the Los Angeles Municipal and Superior Courts from 1974 to 1992.  During this time, her love for teaching inspired Anita to teach evening court reporting classes for about 12 years.  In 1991, Anita was instrumental in introducing the California courts to the first complete CIC (Computer Integrated Courtroom) environment, including video synchronization, wherein she reported back-to-back daily trials for over a year with her partner Pat Cuneo, networked to 11 computers.  At this time Anita researched, developed, and perfected her Realtime skills.
She gave numerous seminars and presentations on this exciting CIC technology to reporters, judges, court administrators, and attorneys worldwide, which led to her interests in developing her speaking expertise by becoming an active member of the National Speakers Association.  This background led to the creation of her successful, hands-on, world-renowned workshops and seminars since 1993, fulfilling her personal commitment and life vision to make a positive, meaningful difference in people's lives.  She has expanded her training to include a transition to broadcast captioning and C.A.R.T. stenocaptioning.  As of May 21, 2007, Anita became a CSP - Certified Speaking Professinal, the highest designation a professional speaker can earn from the National Speakers Association.
1944 - 2016