Who is Cindy Fleegle?

      Hi. My name is Cindy Fleegle. I have been a freelance court reporter and CAT software trainer since 1984.

          I began court reporting before court reporters used computers to produce their transcripts. We would dictate from our paper steno notes and paid a typist to produce the transcript. One day an Xscribe salesman came to our office, and my life changed. I purchased my Xscribe CAT system with my Stenoram II and just loved it.

          I began to teach my co-workers and friends how to use their software and loved training so much that in 1986 I began working for Xscribe Corporation as assistant service center manager and local trainer. I later became service center manager. I authored a guide titled “What do I do?” for Xscribe software users.

          When Xscribe closed their regional service centers, I continued on with Xscribe as a regional trainer. I had a 15-state territory, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, in which I trained reporters on Xscribe, Maestro, and a litigation support software for attorneys, in individual and group settings.

          In 1991 I began working at Legal Career Institute and created and implemented their Computer Aided Transcription program using TurboCat by Cheetah. While at Legal Career Institute I taught CAT, Dictionary Management, Theory, Speedbuilding, English, Wordprocessing. I also trained local reporters in the TurboCat software for Cheetah.

          In 1994 I started my family, so I returned to freelance reporting so that I could have more flexibility in my work schedule.

          I have been wanting to get back to what I love so much: educating, helping reporters use their software more effectively, helping reporters with their dictionary management.

          Now I have the opportunity to do all that by continuing to bring Anita Paul Johnston’s Realtime Mastery Workshop to reporters around the country. I am very proud to continue Anita’s phenomenal realtime seminars.