Realtime Bites:

Bite 1:

Go into your dictionary and edit every conflict, "every conflict." You must choose the "one" word that is either used more often or spelled closer to your steno outline.*

When editing you'll get tired of fixing the wrong words that translate and you'll be more determined to remember a new outline or put an * in it.

Anita Paul always said, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
How do you become a Realtime Writer?
One bite at a time.
In honor of Anita we present:            

Bite 2:


For those of you who have completed "Step 1" of Realtime Mastery's, "Realtime, One Bite at a Time,"  you have proven you are serious. Here's an easy one, Bite 2...


Realtime Mastery's "Realtime, One Bite at a Time."


Bite 2:

Download a copy of your CAT software's manual and put it on every computer you use.

This is a very important document to have at all times. I'm not suggesting you read it from beginning to end. Your manual is a reference book just like a dictionary, Margie Wakeman Wells' Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, SearchMaster, or Google. You will be needing it as you proceed on your way to Realtime Mastery.